maxine haffner with the ukulele  classMaxine Haffner of the Catford Charity Strummers came down to the wilderness to lead a ukulele strumalong with songs on a wildlife/cat theme. Classics included Love Cats, English Country Garden, Walk on the Wild Side….. you get the idea.  Maxine has a regular class at the Catford Constitutional. She came armed with a mobile PA and 50 ukuleles. Some of her regular students came, and showed their proficiency at D minor 7s. Personally, I just about managed a C. Love Cats was the most popular song, and earned an encore (possibly because it had the easiest chords). My personal favourite was I never promised you a Rose Garden. I’ve heard it said the ukulele is more fun to play than listen to. Unfortunately, there was no one who can verify that on this occasion, as we were all playing. It’s definitely easier than the guitar, anyway.

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  1. Kori says:

    Thanks again Maxine for coming! My family and I had a grand time trying to get to grips with Ukulele strumming!

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