Upcoming Events

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  1. Maria Devereaux says:

    We haven’t yet finished the pond as need some old tights so we can create some sides to the pond. If you have any tights going spare please get in touch. Thanks

  2. Elle world says:

    I love to protect our green earth and I try to it every day.

  3. Rachel says:

    Hello I am a mother of one boy who is four years old and about to start school at rathfern school in September I was wondering where the event will be held what it is about and if it is at the catford elm lane location I will be there with my son if that is ok thank you please email me back yours faithfully.

  4. Maxine Haffner says:

    Please note that there is no wheelchair access.

  5. Joanne Evans says:

    Just to say I will be attending with two children aged7 . thank you joanne.

  6. Kori says:

    Thanks again Maxine for coming! My family and I had a grand time trying to get to grips with Ukulele strumming!

  7. Barbara Brooks-Smith says:

    Hi Maria
    I already have x3 spaces booked for 20/8 but can I make it x5 please?

  8. Gemma Juma says:

    HI MAria – I meant to book for 3 people, but only booked for 1 by mistake. See you later. Gemma

  9. Naomi Wattis says:

    Hi Maria,
    Phoebe and Leo really enjoyed making the bug hotel with Olive this weekend. Phoebe has made a picture for Olive to thank her. Is there an address we could send it to?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi Naomi,

      Pleased you all had a good time and what a lovely idea re the picture. If you send it to the Rushey Green Timebank address which is on the contact us page then it will get to Olive as we have a meeting next Wednesday. Hope to see you again soon.
      Kind regards, Maria

  10. Looking forward to join Apple Day on Thursday 29th October

  11. Damian Griffiths says:

    The black berry jam is great!

  12. Guillermo Sanmiguel says:


  13. Hanna Heissenbuettel says:

    I usually make a wreath, but it will be much more enjoyable to do it in company!

  14. Sally Davis says:


    This sounds great for our 9 year old. Can I book tickets for Feb 20th? And email us with up and coming events.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      HI Sally,
      If you join the mailing list then we can email you with events and hope you have already booked for Saturdays event.

  15. Hanna Heissenbuettel says:

    2 adults and 4 kids. Thank you.

  16. Dorothy Hallam says:

    I’m hoping to come along just to see the space as I’d like to use it with my school. Do I need to book? I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it and I won’t be taking part in activities. Thanks

  17. Redpayday says:

    Please let me know phone number so that i can book my tickets for 20 feb Wil inside festival

    Thanks Regards

  18. sarah says:

    I would like to offer my service not only am i mum but i do have experiences with children with or without needs also if possible I would like to bring my 4yrs son

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thats great so if you haven’t already done so please book your places. See you on the 26th. Maria

  19. Margaret Brandon says:

    hi Maria I’ve booked a space for the easter egg hunt and all the activities I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic experience but is the space for 1 person or can I bring my family

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. You can box as many tickets as you like by changing the number in the booking area. I will amend this one for you though. See you next week.

  20. Emilia says:

    Hello Maria,
    I am planning to be there for some of the time. Maybe I can be useful for some gardening?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      HI Emilia,
      Yes would be great if you can do some gardening – we need some pruning done and also some trees planted plus plenty to do in the new community food growing space as well. See you Saturday

  21. Anna Rowlinson says:

    Was trying to book for 3 adults and 3 kids but it didn’t give me an option to add people…so I think just I’m booked at the moment. Could I add the rest please?
    Thanks, Anna

  22. Rachel Ajetunmobi says:

    Hi Maria I am coming tomorrow with little Romeo and maybe dad was thinking of baking triple chocolate cake and bringing it let me know what you think xx

  23. Rachel Ajetunmobi says:

    Have booked for three we helped build the pondx

  24. julia hutchinson says:

    Hi Maria, I just booked to come but couldn’t see how to book for my family too – 4 of us in all. Let’s hope the weather holds!

  25. Rebecca Carnihan says:

    Hi we will be 3 small children and 2 adults.

  26. Patricia Stevenson says:

    Hi there,

    Please register 2 adults and one child (4yrs) for The Big Dig event this Saturday. Unfortunately, I can’t remember my log in details… will keep looking for old correspondence in emails..

    • damian says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I have booked 3 spaces for you. They are booked under the name of Damian. I will be on site on the day, so you can just ask me to confirm. However, we are unlikely to get oversubscribed, and so this will probably not be necessary.

  27. Shanni Elcock says:

    Hi there, may I bring my puppy? She’s great with people and very obedient.

  28. Nadine Coventry says:

    Booking for the big lunch – 3 of us

  29. Hanna Heissenbuettel says:

    I meant to book for 6 people, but only booked for one!! Will you let us know if it’s cancelled? It looks like it’s going to rain..
    Thank you.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Yes we had to postpone but new date is 24th July. Book via the Whats on Page

      • Barbara says:

        Hi Maria
        Still saying bookings closed for this event? Please advise how to book.
        Look forward to seeing you soon and giving you your cheque!!
        Barbara (Friends of Rathfern)

  30. Simon Bennett says:

    Hi Maria
    I’ve accidentally only booked for one when I meant to book for 4 people. Would you be able to update my request?

    Many thanks


  31. Barbara Brooks-Smith says:

    Ooop meant to book for 4!
    Thanks Maria

    • Barbara says:

      Hi Maria
      Barbara again here, please can my booking be for x7 as a friend + 2 kids want to join us?

  32. Jessie Granger says:


    I’ve accidently booked 1 ticket instead of 3 for tomorrow, is it okay to change my booking?


  33. Emily Keaney says:

    Would you accept 3 year olds?

  34. Jon Wheatley says:

    Hi, my 4.5 year old daughter is going to love this!

  35. Jon Wheatley says:

    Actually Ella’s daddy would like to come too please!

  36. Liz Gill says:

    Wonderful wild weaving and reclaimed rubbish sculpture making at the wildcat wilderness today.

    Thank you to all who helped weave and sculpt with us today – young and old.

    We will be back at the Wild Cat Wilderness tomorrow Sunday 2nd Oct 11- 3pm for more wild weaving and sculpting. Do come and join us.
    #CatfordArts Trail.

  37. Liz Gill says:

    Do drop in for more Wild weaving and reclaimed rubbish sculpting at the Wild Cat a Wilderness tomorrow 11-3pm Sunday 2nd October.

    Plus come and see the outdoor art of local forest school children.

  38. Anthony Joseph says:


    My name is Anthony and I’m interested in volunteering on Sat 28th and was wondering if you still needed volunteers?



  39. Jacqueline Durbin says:

    Lovely to meet you today Maria. Sorry I did not come back with the kids as I planned… we’ll try for next month!
    I’ve signed up to receive updates!


  40. Sarah Fairest says:

    Me and my three children would like to join you on Wednesday.

  41. Shazia butt says:

    Can two parents attend per family?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All welcome and all parents can participate in all activities plus we need your help creating some new paths!

  42. charlene grant says:

    Thank you for today Elise and Jacob had an amazing time so so fun

  43. Julia hall says:

    Hi Julie May l have one place on your natural cosmetic workshop l would be paying £10 on the day
    Kind regards Julia

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      HI there Julia,
      I have reserved a space for you on the workshop but please confirm by booking a ticket via our whats on page.
      See you Saturday

  44. Shanna Williams says:

    2 adults, 2 children and 1 baby thanks

  45. Jessie Granger says:


    I’m made a mistake… can I reserve for 3 rather than one please?

    Many thanks

  46. Deborah Stack says:

    Sorry we’ve booked so late-
    Children’s names Nancy forrest and Mabel forrest aged 10 and 13

  47. Em says:

    Hello, we missed the above event, ps advise when the next meet the bees is on?!

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      We will probably do an event over the summer holiday period so if you have signed up for our newsletter this will let you know whats going on. If not come along on Sunday to our Big Lunch Picnic.

  48. Charissa Rao says:


    Sorry I pressed the button too soon! Can I reserve for 4 people not 1? 2adults & 2 toddlers.

    Thank you!


  49. what kind of activities would be carried out??please describe a bit more

  50. Bruna says:

    Just wondering when it will be possible to book a place? Kids really want to go 🙂

  51. Carol Barclay says:


    I would like to make a booking for two children.


  52. Kelly Doxford says:

    Do you have any spaces left in the paint penalty shoot out?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      If you go to the what’s on page and click on the event it will allow you to select the number of tickets you require. If there are no tickets left it will tell you

  53. Mari Smith says:

    Hi. Could I make a booking for one?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      If you go to the what’s on page and click on the event it will allow you to select the number of tickets you require. If there are no tickets left it will tell you

  54. Beba says:

    Hi Maria
    Can I bring my son’s friend too?

  55. Li says:

    Hi. I seem to be having some trouble signing up/registering. I assumed it was a phone issue but also happening on PC. We would like to attend today’s Harvest Event please.

  56. Charlotte Price says:

    Hi, there will be 2 adults and 2 children attending now, could we have 2 pumpkins please. Thank you

  57. Julia hall says:

    Hi would like to come on 18 one adult and 2 children to help make bug hotel thank you

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Please go to the whats on page. Click on the event and at the bottom it says spaces and reserve the number you want. Many thanks.

  58. Laura tilbury says:

    I would like to come with two children. Thankyou

  59. Mandy says:

    If you have further cancellations I’d like to attend with my daughter. Thank you. Mandy

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      I will put you on the waiting list.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this widely.

  60. Lucy Mitchell says:

    Hi Please could I go on the waiting list too? Thank you, Lucy

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this widely.

  61. Maho Ihara says:

    Please let me know if any cancellation, I am very interested! Thank you!

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this widely.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising.

  62. Alexandra Harbord says:

    Hi I would love to come, will just be me 1 adult if you can add me to any waiting list?! Many thanks!

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this.

  63. Ellie Hoad says:

    Please can you put me on the waiting list too

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this.

  64. Ellie Hoad says:

    Please can you put me on the waiting list too with 2 kids.
    Ps are we still able to come and have a look even if not getting involved in the activity?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi there. We have opened up the booking with 10 more places so please book asap before places go again. If not we will be repeating the activity on the 3rd Dec at our volunteer event but not publicising this.

  65. Teddy says:

    Hi.I forgot to ask is this event indoor or outdoor? Thanks.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      We are an outdoor project and you will be collecting materials from around the site to make your wreath. We only have a small shelter but do have s toilet.

  66. Laura says:

    Hi Maria,
    my husband and 2 kids are looking forward to coming tomorrow. Will the gate be open the whole time or is there a phone number to call to come and meet them if it’s locked?

  67. Yulia S says:

    Hi, interested to come if you have a space or a cancellation, 2 adults and a 2yo toddler, thank you!

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      We have had a cancellation so try and book now. If not we are repeating the event on 3 Dec but not widely publicing it.

  68. tanya says:

    Any upcoming event in the newyear?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Yes will be putting them on the website very soon but we have a planning session on Sat 20th at Place Ladywell so come and join us 1.30-3.15

  69. Annariina says:

    Thanks, Maria Devereaux! Hope you like them. 🙂

  70. Alexis dutton says:

    Hi Henry and I will be coming on saturday for the picnic if thats ok

  71. Muna Hassan says:

    We’d love to come! 2 adults 3 children. Thank you! Muna

  72. Ola says:

    Hi, I’m new the Wild Cat Wilderness. Can I attend with my daughter today?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Sorry only just saw this. Best to check what’s on and then book if possible. Hope to see you soon.

  73. Charlie Brooker says:

    Thanks you

  74. Lara says:

    I would like to cancel my booking please as we are not able to attend anymore. Thank you

  75. Saskia Takens-Milne says:

    Is this activity for all ages, including kids over 5?

  76. Muna Hassan says:

    We’d love to join! One adult 3 children (aged 2 5 and 8)

  77. Muna Hassan says:

    Yes please! One adult 3 children (2 5 and 8)

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      For bookings please go to the whats on page click on the event and choose the number of places. If there meant any showing then the event is fully booked

  78. Grace Gaffney says:

    Booked in but no option for numbers- would be 3 children…


    When are you going to do this event again?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Yes probably during the next half term so keep a look out for our newsletters with updates on events and activities.

  80. Sweeni says:

    Is there any more places available?

  81. Klara says:

    Hello Maria and Sweeni, I know this is a very late notice and I apologise… I was meant to be coming tomorrow with my two children and we were very much looking forward to it, but I think my son has a mild heatstroke from being in the sun all day today, he’s just been sick again for a third time tonight. I think he needs to stay in tomorrow so he can get better. Sweeni, would you like our two places, provided it’s ok with Maria? Once again, very sorry about the late notice, I hope you both see this before 11am tomorrow so you can get there on time. Thank you, Klara

  82. Muna Hassan says:

    We would love to join. 1 adult 3 children (9,5 and 2)

  83. Antonietta Hesketh says:

    Hi Maria, I would like to bring the Beavers & Cubs after lunch, about 8-10 kids aged 6-10

  84. Maya Stiasny says:

    Hi, we would like to join the harvest festival on Saturday.
    Can we turn up on the day or should we register somewhere before Saturday?
    Many thanks

  85. Shumaila Kamran says:

    Hi, I would like to come with my 2 kids, ages 7 and 3
    Kind Regards

  86. Fiona Mullings says:

    I would like that to bring My Grandchildren aged 4 & 5 please

  87. Anne Jarrett says:

    Really looking forward to this event!! 😄😄

  88. Sweeni Ansell says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to book for two kids age 4 and 7. If any extras will let you know or is it ok to bring them along?

  89. yvonne francis says:

    Hi I am trying to book for 2 children for this and the lantern making on sat but can’t find the link on the what’s on page to add the number of children. Thanks

  90. Clare Ponsford-taylor says:

    Hi trying to book 1 adult 2 kids 9 and 12 for campfire and pizza but can’t see where?

  91. Mrs Lee S Nair says:

    Hi there – I’m a bit confused who to email to get onto this event! We are 2 adults and one 2 year old and need a pumpkin too. Is there space for us?

  92. Olívia says:

    Hi Maria

    Is there any cancellations? My boys are really keen to attend this session…. thank you!

  93. Samantha Rowland says:

    Hi, I have 3 children wanting to take part, is this possible please? Or is it strictly 1 child per adult? Thank you

  94. Patricia says:

    Hi there,

    Can you put my family of three on the waiting list for this event.

    BTW: How many spaces do you have at events and roughly when do you post availability? I always seem to miss out.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      I think you must have posted on an old event as we don’t have a bonfire this year!
      All events listed on the whats on Page and there are often several pages. We make people aware of them via the newsletter and social media. Numbers vary depending on the event. Hope to see you soon

  95. Kevin Mackle says:

    Hi Maria, don’t think I can attend Thursday as I’m waiting on heating engineer 10_1 but will see,thanks, Kevin. Did gutter parts come?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi Kevin. No problem. We have to prioritise getting the skip filled today so have put guttering on hold.
      Are you planning to come tomorrow to Cats session?

  96. Vendula knight says:

    Hi I would like to book a session for the Christmas decoration if there are places available please on the 1.12 I would like 5 spaces available if possible please I did try to book this session for few times but not luck dithyrambs booking .
    My contact is 07592790145 or email me vendulaknight1978@outlook.com

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      If you have registered on our site then please click on the event on the whats on page and chose the number of tickets in the drop down box. There aren’t many left as nearly fully booked.

  97. Wendy Leston says:

    Would like to attend this, but Place Ladywell is now CLOSED!!!! Thought you should know…

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Only the cafe is closed. The rest is open and the offices of the Rushey green Timebank are in unit B. Bell at the front.

  98. shona Deick says:

    Hi will u b running a workshop next week? If so I would be interested in attending.

  99. Gloria Francalanci says:

    Hi I would like to participate in the gardening workshop on Friday 22/03 how do I sign up?

    Thank you


    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Gonto the whats on Page, click on the event and choose the number of tickets in the drop down box.
      Hope to see you soon. Maria

  100. Dotun oyegbenro says:

    Hello i am intrested in taking part please

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Please book a place via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of tickets in the dip down menu.
      Best wishes

  101. Johanna says:

    Hi there
    Is the family session and egg hunt on the 16th or the 18th? The title states the 16th but when you click on it to book it says the 18th.
    Many thanks.

  102. Kate Roberts says:


    I was planning to come along to the gardening morning on Saturday with my 7 year old. I’m just wondering if we need to bring any gardening tools with us? Thanks.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      No we have tools and gloves for big and little people. Just book on via the whats on page. See you Saturday.

  103. Yelena says:

    Hello, how could I make a booking for the helper session with kids. Thank you so much.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Yes go to the events page and click on the event then choose how many adults and children attending. Thanks.

  104. Mirza says:

    I have two children 4 and 10 years old could attend the event with them and a friend would accompany me

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Yes that’s just fine. Please just book via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of places in the drop down menu.

  105. Ada says:

    Hi – I’m wondering how the school children can make it on Friday, ie. a regular school day? Am I right in assuming that Mirza’s children have an inset day or similar this Friday? Thanks

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      The session isn’t just for children and don’t know about Mirzas children but we have had some home schoolers and nursery children as well. All welcome.

  106. Alicia says:

    Hello I would love to join tomorrow 🙂

  107. Hannah says:

    Hi. I’d like to come along with my three children to the fruit picking event. The children are also interested in the den in building activity you have on the same day. We’ve never been before but is it possile to come to both? Please let us know.

  108. Victoria Melo says:

    I would like to book the fruit picking .I did book for 25 th but the fruit was not ready .

  109. Scott Wood says:

    Hi, Can I book me, Scott Wood, and Alfie Wood (6 years old) for the pizza making on 22 August. Can’t see how else to do it!

  110. Sam edwards says:

    I can’t seem to create an account but keen to attend on Monday 12th August-is this okmto do so?

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Can you have another go Please and that way you will also get our newsletter.
      Yes that’s fine Re Monday.

  111. damien redmond says:

    I am also unsure, whether I have registered today. Please will you let me know.

  112. Elizabeth Eastham says:

    I will also be bringing an under 1

  113. Sarah Singer says:

    Hello Sarah,

    We will be coming 2 children and 2 adults! Thanks, Sarah

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All bookings have to be done via our whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of places including adults in the drop down box. Please note if you can’t book then the event is fully booked. Thanks

  114. Ipek Noel says:

    Will the event be at this address below?

    Rushey Green Time Bank
    The Primary Care Centre
    Hawstead Road
    SE6 4JH

    We would like to come with my husband and two year old, just submitted our request via the online booking

  115. Zaria Greenhill says:

    I am greatly looking forward to it and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  116. Helen Liston says:

    Hi I would like to attend this event with my daughter and grandson who is 7 and has autism please let me know if this would bebe OK thank-you

  117. Caroline Randall says:

    Hi we would like to come to Callum’s campfire on 5th October. Two adults and two children.
    Caroline Randall

  118. Sam says:

    Hi can we have 2 spaces please

  119. Laura says:

    Is there any availability for my 5 children
    4,5,9 and 10 please.

  120. Rebecca Rawsthorne says:

    Could I please book for my 2 x children too

  121. Hannah Richards says:

    Hi, i hope youre well. I’d like to book for Saturday 3rd February for me and my family and possibly 2 others. It will definately be 2 adults and 3 children (2,4,6) and if the others can come it will be one adult and a 9 year old. Please let me know if we can come. Many thanks.

  122. Heloise Ravindranath says:

    I would love to be involved with my son in a local permaculture project!

  123. joanna schlenzka says:

    Sorry forgot to update the numbers box before I signed up – will actually be me plus 2 children
    Please confirm – thanks!

  124. Anne Bissmire says:

    Please book 1 adult 1 child for Thursday afternoon on 20th February please

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Please sign up via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of places in the drop down menu Thanks.

  125. […] The beautiful outdoor community space the Wildcat Wilderness in Catford has not been able to open up to the general public since lockdown began and had lots of events/activities planned which have unfortunately had to be cancelled. A plant sale was one of them and to replace this and provide much needed funds for the project 2 different kitchen garden growing kits for both indoors and outdoors are available to purchase. They are a bargain and come with instructions/tips. For details see here. […]

  126. Sam cox says:

    Hi can I book me and my daughter onto the session on Friday the 7th of August please

  127. Sam cox says:

    Hi can I book 2 places for me and my daughter please for the 7th of August

    Kind regards Sam

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All bookings need to be done via the whats on page. There are several sessions but some are now fully booked or have limited places available.
      There are however two places available at either the 1-2,30 or 2.30-4 pm session which you can book via the whats on page.

  128. Livia Campello Lang says:

    Sorry can you cancel this booking please? I’ll book the 11-12:30 one instead. My apologies.

  129. Claire Lynam says:

    I would like to cancel my attendance for this event – clicked wrong date! Big apols, Claire (who you will see on 22nd instead!) : )

  130. Bola Cooper says:

    Hi there how do you sign up if you are 1 adult with 3 children over 5 and 1 under 1 year? Thanks

  131. Livia Campello Lang says:

    Gosh I’m terrible at this. Clearly. Im so sorry. I forgot to add that we are three not one. Can you please save a total of 3 spaces? Thanks

  132. Claire Lynam says:

    Hi I’m afraid to say I’m actually going away for the weekend so I need to cancel my booking for tomorrow! Thanks guys and hopefully I’ll come nx week when I’m back : ) Hope you are all well, Claire

  133. Wow! This is a nice activity. Kudos to the organizers who made this possible. I hope I can attend to one of the sessions. Thanks for sharing and for spreading awareness to us. Keep it up.

  134. Caroline Amy Moore says:

    I am a bubbly bright encouraging kind of person. Passionate in making others happy. Am inspired by young people a good listener.
    Full of energy. Am dbs checked was a young scout leader. Assistant to young people at dance singing summer school. Love nature and getting my hands dirty team player and making things from stuff around you being creative am a painter make dream catchers and jewelry. Came to the wildcat garden loved it and would love to come back I would like to help with a pond possibly.
    Yours Sincerely Caroline Moore.

  135. Victoria Melo says:

    Could I please book for 2 adults and 2 children?

  136. Warren Routh says:

    Hi there I am enquiring about volunteering on a Thursday afternoon if you have any vacancies. I receive therapy at bench outreach and was passed your information. Tia

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi Warren
      You are welcome to join us any Thursday. Just go to the what on page,click on the Thursday you want to attend and then choose the number of places in the drop down box. We look forward to welcoming you. Maria

  137. lara says:

    Please can I book for 4 places (1 adult and 3 children)

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All bookings must be done by the whats on page, click on the event and choose the number of places in the drop down box.

  138. Victoria Melo says:

    Could I book 1 adult and 1 child please?
    Thank you

  139. Jane Taylor says:

    Can I book for 3 children please

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Please book all events via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of tickets in the drop down box. Thanks.

  140. Samantha Rowland says:

    Hello, could I please add another adult and 3 children to my original booking please? That would total 2 adults and 7 children, thank you

  141. Sam says:

    Hi can I book 2 places for this please

  142. Anna Fairtlough says:

    Hello Maria
    Thank you for your emails confirming we have booked two spaces for the 17/10. Please can we have one more space as we have a friend (Joan Fletcher) who would like to join us.
    Many thanks

  143. Patricia Stevenson says:

    Hi, can I book 2 places for this please.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All bookings must be done via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of places in the drop down box. Thanks

  144. Rachael says:

    We are very excited about this event

  145. Mia Chittoo says:

    Interested in taking part of the ‘Winter Wild’ project

  146. Veronica Galbiati says:

    Hello! I’m trying to book 2 places on this event for myself and my 11 year old kid, not sure I’ve done it correctly 😅

  147. Tamsin Bacchus says:

    I’ll come in historical costume – to add to the fun and pagan feel of the event – but will it be OK if I also have some information on small pieces of paper about the Tudor recreations at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk to hand out to anyone who might be interested or leave out by the refreshments?

  148. Steph Pilcher says:

    Hello, we will arrive about 11.30/11.45pm on the 15th feb. Thank you.

  149. claire field says:

    Hi- is this applicable to apricot trees too? Thanks

  150. Jayne Davies says:

    Alas I can’t come- parents evening.

    Next time…

  151. Georgina lavender says:

    Please could I book this event for 3 children and 1 adult

  152. Dalia Espana says:

    Do you have 3 spare tickets for this session? 2 children +1 adult?

  153. Maria Devereaux says:

    All bookings must be done via the whats on page. We can’t do manual bookings. Sorry

  154. Anne says:

    Can you message me if you get a cancellation please. Just 1 space for Demi

  155. maria Gingell says:

    I would like to book 3 places for the 31 Aug making spinning top. 3 boys plus 2 adults
    Maria Gingell

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      All bookings have to be done via the whats on page. Click on the event and choose the number of spaces in the drop down menu. It’s fully booked if it doesn’t allow you to do this. Thanks

  156. Karen Duggan says:

    Hi would it b possible to add 6 more to my booking as a friend is unable to access your page kind regards Karen

  157. Karen Duggan says:

    ms Julie commons is a regular who uses your services, she is unable to sign in to your email address as she’s on holiday, but would like to book 31st August 10 am session her email address is j.commons@ntlworld.com would u please be able to book 6 children on this session thanks kind regards Karen

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Sorry but this is an adult only session so no children allowed. But the Friday session for volunteers is for all ages

  158. Valerie RichardsHill says:

    Just checking that our booking for 3 children and 1 adult for 31/8 (tomorrow) Nature Club is confirmed.
    Many thanks.

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      If you have a booking you would have received confirmation check your junk email. Was it for the morning or afternoon session. We still have places for both so just let me know and numbers. Thanks Maria

  159. Fiona Young says:

    Hi, I just wanted to enquire…My partner and I have a two and a half year old, and a six month old baby. We were interested in volunteering sessions but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate, please could you let us know your thoughts? We’re keen to get involved but maybe we’ll keep our eye out for other specific activities. Many thanks for your advice, Fiona

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      Hi Fiona. Our Thursday volunteering is adult only but out Friday volunteering in the morning is open to all so children are welcome if supervised. We look forward to welcoming you.

  160. Debbie Nelson says:

    Hi Maria, I’ve seen that you’re on the Catford Arts trail leaflet for this year, but it gives no details, and I can’t see any on your website.
    Would you let me know if there are events happening

  161. Tracey Neil says:

    Looking forward to visiting today.

  162. Alice Stevens says:

    Please can you send me info on this

  163. Kate says:

    Hi there, I’ve just donated ti make.one wreath on 3rd Dec but I ended myself and my 2 daughters tics make it with me. Do I need to get tickets for them too? Thanks Kate

  164. Ann Moseley says:

    Hi Ellie, it was lovely to meet you properly on Wednesday and Hugo had a lovely time at the session. I wondered if there were any spots left for this Saturday?

  165. Susan Wise says:

    I plan to attend the plant sale on 10/06/23

  166. Corinne Challener says:

    So Sorry I had not realised this was for adults only.
    We are a local authority group of pre-schoolers and their families who would like to experience the forest school activities. Many of our families are very limited for funds…

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      No problem. This is for volunteering and not for forest school. At present we don’t have any funding so are unable to offer free places for groups until our funding comes through but please email us as we are hoping to hear soon wcw@rgtb.org.uk

  167. Vicky says:

    Good morning, I would like to know the age requirements/limits for your events.
    I have children aged between 18months & 13yrs.

  168. Samantha Rowland says:

    Hello, could I please book 4 adult and 3 child places please, thank you

  169. Maria Devereaux says:

    You need to book yourself on on this page. Click sign up.

  170. Janet Morris says:

    Hi would it be possible to join the volunteering session today?
    Many thanks, Janet

  171. Lorrayne says:

    I went to the wreath-making workshop and had an absolutely wonderful time. I made my first ever wreath and knowing it came from foraged goodies in the centre made it all the more special. Thanks so much for this. Will definitely look out for more opps in the future. The Wildcat Wilderness Centre is a true Catford gem!!

  172. Tina Farage says:

    Hi, I’ve just received an invite for this event that I do want to go to. Please can you add my name to it and let me know if I’m confirmed on it as it’s not clear on the website and here.

    Many thanks,
    Tina Farage

  173. Jane Hawthorne says:

    Hello, I’m trying to book one adult and two children for Tuesday 13th February but I’m not sure it is working. Can you kindly confirm please?

  174. Debbie Nelson says:

    It keeps saying I’ve booked in for this event, so won’t let me book in for the other two! Please can I book in for lLucas and Freddie as well as me😊

  175. Carla Pexton says:

    Hi Maria, it’s the same for me as the lady Debbie above. Please book for myself, Emerson and 5 month old Chiara.
    Thank you so much,

  176. Lorraine Perry says:

    Thanks 😊

  177. Jackie Bee says:

    Would like to book for my daughter Cara Burley (aged 10) and one adult

    • Maria Devereaux says:

      To book. Go to you need to create an account. Then chose the event on the whats on page then click on the drop down box to chose the number of places.
      We look forward to welcoming you.

  178. Angelina Harewood says:

    I’d love for my sons to join the fun activity