We have made the following progress so far:

  • We have 9 regular members on the steering group, the
    youngest of which is 8 years old.
  • We have had 4 meetings to date, which are generally 2
    hours long and have actively planned the volunteer days,
    next actions and potential plans for the future.
  • We have a recording system in place to record details of
    people involved
  • We have had 16 volunteer days, generally running from
    10am-3pm, sometimes up to 4.30pm
  • We have had 3 further planned, which were cancelled
    due bad weather.
  • To date we have had 25 people involved and 398
    volunteer hours spent on the project. Volunteers have come from the Time bank and also via networking locally.

The team is currently planning:

  • The common area
  • Main path
  • The composting toilet
  • Other paths to designated spaces.
  • All the volunteer days and special events for 2015.
  • Promoting the project
  • Training

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