As this week we were supposed to have some Easter activities we thought we would share them with you so you can do it yourself. 
It is spring so it is the start of nest building for birds. Birds start building their nests, flying to and from their nesting sites often in trees looking for things to make their nest. Have you seen a bird flying with a twig in its mouth? Then its a bird is building it’s nest. It is building it’s home. It’s building the bed where it will lay its eggs and where it’s babies will be born, where it will stay safe and where it will live until it flies. Go outside to see if you can spot bird’s nest building, or watch from a window, then encourage your child to make a nest. Watch this You Tube video of a Robin building its nest here. You can download a nest identification chart here.
This project encourages children to really think like birds and make something interesting, testing ideas and problem solving. Ask your child how they think a bird makes its nest and see what they say. Then tell them they are going to be like birds today and make a nest.
In your own garden or whilst out walking in a local park or green space ask your child to collect items that a bird might use to build a nest, only use natural materials like twigs, feathers, grass and leaves. When back home in the garden or indoors (on a tray or large piece of paper) if you don’t have a garden encourage your child to build a nest strong enough to hold an few eggs. When they have finished, test it out by putting some small Easter eggs or small stones inside. You can download the activity sheet here.

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