Back to basics wreath making with coat hangers and foraged holly

Some of us braved windy weather to make Christmas wreaths this Saturday. This was DIY Christmas decorating. We put on our gardening gloves and got out our secators and cut twigs and holly.

Stretching the coat hangars

Stretching the coat hangars

Then we wrapped them round some coat hangers that we had stretched out into a circle. I was pretty remedial at this task, and my wreath was quite sparse compared to some people’s.  It was particularly tricky to wind the twigs round the coat hangar without breaking them.

wreath making round the fire

Wreath making round the fire

For a bit mine looked more like a crown of thorns than a wreath, which wasn’t seasonal. Still Maria was on hand to give her “Wreath Lectures” as I drolly like to think of them.

Maria gives a wreath lecture

Maria gives a wreath lecture

Eventually I got something that I felt was good enough to stick on my door at home.  The one you can see below wasn’t mine, however. It was Thermula’s, who did a slightly better job than me, so I thought it would be better if she modelled her work.


Thermula with her wreath


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