scary goings on at wcw halloween bash

halloween ukulele class






Our halloween party featured story telling, making pumpkin faces, and a ukelele class. Maxine Haffner of the Catford Charity Strummers made a second appearance at the wilderness.  This time we strummed along to halloween based scary classics, such as Monster Mash, and Bad Moon Rising. She was back by popular demand after the success of the previous session in July.  However, this was the first time children had joined in the ukulele playing.

brazilian story telling for halloween

The scary story was about a Brazillian folk tale about a salt monster. It featured capoeira dancing, which is a dance from Brazil which is also a martial art. A Brazillian instrument called a berimbau was played during the story. The audience were encouraged to participate. Some of them participated without encouragement.

As the night drew in, some people even claim to have sighted spooks appearing!

spooky wildcat pumpkin    a ghost

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